Commercial Door Installation Service

Expert installation crews efficiently manage any size of project.

Atlas’s expert installation crew members have completed many of the largest, most complex door and hardware installation projects in central Ohio.

With detailed project administration processes and competent staff, Atlas proficiently manages projects ranging from the replacement of a single hardware set to hundreds of complete openings.

Need a bid or budget number?

We have the capacity to respond to your bidding and construction schedules and will provide realistic forecasts of lead times. If needed, we can provide budgets within 24 hours or sooner so you’ll have the accurate info you need for timely lease negotiations or bid prep.

How we help you avoid occupancy delays

Because doors are one of the last items installed on a construction project, any door and hardware issues typically have a significant negative impact on the project schedule, resulting in missed deadlines and occupancy delays.

Here’s how we make sure door and hardware installation doesn’t delay your project:

  1. We proof the door schedule during takeoff to catch mistakes and alert you to any problems.
  2. When the project is awarded to Atlas, we proof the door schedule again during the submittal and ordering process.
  3. We ensure that all submittals are completed and material orders are properly placed in a timely manner.
  4. As materials are received, they are processed, checked for accuracy and stored in a project-specific location in the Atlas warehouse.
  5. Doors can be fully assembled in our fabrication shops and arrive on-site fully dressed and ready to hang, greatly reducing the on-site construction time.
  6. The Atlas operations manager works directly with the on-site project personnel to coordinate material deliveries precisely when needed. Because we store your materials in our warehouse until right before installation, the risk of damage and loss is greatly reduced.

How we help you win more jobs

Atlas provides budgets and pricing of alternatives at no cost to help you secure the project. Due to our independent purchasing relationships with high-quality suppliers, we can typically offer equal or higher quality products at substantially lower cost, so you’ll have a lower-price bid and alternates for your door and hardware package – and the alternate hardware comes with a lifetime warranty.

Call Atlas today at 614.251.8037 to discuss your installation project.

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