Fabrication and Pre-finishing

With in-house fabrication and pre-finishing shops, Atlas fabricates or modifies doors and components specifically to order.

With an inventory of stick material and door blanks, the Atlas in-house skilled craftsmen fabricate and modify doors and components to your exact specifications. We can turnaround orders in days instead of the industry-standard of 4 to 6 weeks. If a change is needed on an in-process project, we can fabricate or modify components to save weeks of delay.

Metal Fabrication Shop

Atlas can fabricate metal doors and frames to custom order in one week versus the typical 4 to 6 weeks from a manufacturer. Last minute changes to the door schedule can be accommodated without delaying completion of the entire project.

Wood Fabrication Shop

Atlas stocks 4090 wood doors that can be cut to any size or use. We also maintain an inventory of wood slab doors in most sizes and can prep them to your specifications. With our inventory and in-house fabrication shop, your turnaround time for wood doors will be reduced by at least 75%.

Authorization to Apply Certification Mark

Atlas is authorized by Intertek to apply the Warnock Hersey fire rating label to rated doors and frames.

Paint and Stain Shop

Atlas provides pre-finished wood doors from the factory and also has the in-house capability to pre-finish wood doors. We can pre-finish wood doors in 3 to 7 days versus the industry standard of 4 to 6 weeks, saving several weeks in your project schedule.

Atlas’s expert finishers can custom match existing wood trim or doors.


Pre-finishing doors in the shop avoids having fumes and off-gassing of stains and varnish in occupied and sensitive areas. The finishing is done in a clean, controlled environment with better quality control.

Fully dressed doors

Hinges, closures and view panels are fully prepped and assembled in the fabrication shops so doors arrive on-site fully dressed and ready to hang. Several important advantages are gained by fully assembling doors and hardware in the Atlas shop, including:

  • We are able to work ahead of schedule
  • On-site installation time is greatly reduced.
  • Fully dressed doors save valuable time in the schedule at a critical point near project completion.
  • Delivering the fully dressed doors to the jobsite in the final days of construction instead of weeks earlier minimizes the potential for damage.

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wood slab doors to your specifications

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